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Sister Jonnie

Remember, "God Loves You & God Just Want's to Use You."

Latest Episode

"The Holy Spirit, Repentance, Fasting, Prayer & Your Life!"


This week's show is built on The Acts of The Apostles Book in the Bible Chapter 2. The Holy Spirit is desperately needed today, but how do we receive The Holy Spirit? This week, Sister Jonnie Reminds us that Repentance is the way. God is waiting on  us and 2 Chronicles Chapters 6 & 7 teaches us how. 


The Show & Sister Jonnie

Here is the short end of who I am. I am a Woman, Mother, Wife, Radio Personality, Poet, Entrepreneur and Sister in Christ. I have many accomplishments in my life, however, nothing compares to the greatest accomplishment of all....Falling in love with Jesus, receiving the love of God for my life and knowing without a doubt that my soul will live on forever in eternity with Jesus one day.


It took me years of pain and sadness to finally accept the love of God for ME. For those that know me personally, you may be shocked to read such a statement. Only because I spent years going to church instead of becoming the church. Sadly, I was a miserable Christian (Yikes)! I mean as miserable, as miserable can be. But Today! Today! I am walking in the love of God and the Freedom of the Abundant Life that Jesus Talked about in John 10:10! A freedom that I truly never knew before.


This Radio Show & Podcast will be filled with Current Events, Trending Topics, Local News, The Word (Bible Study) & Special Guest, and most importantly the great commission - Winning Souls for the Kingdom!


Thank you for taking this journey with me! I have no clue what God has in store but whatever this journey will turn out to be, it will be incredibly Great! GOD is driving this time!


                                                    ~ Sister Jonnie


In The Mixx Show w/Sister Jonnie

Sister Jonnie

Executive Producer & Host

Jamilia Williams

Executive Assistant & Social Media Manager

KDYA 1190am

The Light Radio Station

In The Mixx w/Sister Jonnie Show


5 PM (PST) 

8 PM (EST)





Jamilia Williams

Executive Assistant & Social Media Manager

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